One of the most magical beaches off the most Easterly Point of Australia. Wategos is bright blues, and creamy yellow tones.


Includes 1 Lightroom Preset, these are my favorite presets I use on a daily basis.


I've made each preset for sale individually as when they're all grouped together sometimes you're going to end up with ones you don't use! I wanted to make sure you got exactly the ones you were looking for and nothing you don't need.



So when you became a photographer no one told you it was going to involve tooooons of time spent tied to your computer! Using Lightroom presets are one of my favorite ways to speed up workflow, add consistency to your style and help you get back to what you want to be doing: taking photos. Or eating. You know, whichever.


Plus, 10% of your purchase will go towards Sea Shepherd to protect our oceans. No oceans no life! You can check out Sea Shepherd here!


Wategos Preset


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